“Pres. Biden and his hand-picked military leaders have failed the American people,” Ingraham Angle Host Laura Ingraham said Thursday in a commentary titled “Biden’s Body Bags,” following the deadly terrorist bombing at Kabul Airport.

“How many more men and women in uniform might die because [Sec. of State] Blinken, Gen. Mark Milley and the rest have no idea what they’re doing?” Ingraham asked.

“These young men and women joined the military to serve and protect their country, but now they’re forced to serve under leaders who couldn’t run a school crosswalk,” Ingraham said.

Terrorists know how incompetent the Biden Administration is, so they aren’t afraid of Pres. Joe Biden’s threat to strike back at them, Ingraham warned:

“Our enemies know that we’re being led by a band of incompetents. And none of them are shaking in their boots from this Biden’s promise [to ‘hunt you down and make you pay’].”

The Biden Administration’s incompetence “cannot be allowed to continue,” because the cost in terms of human life is too great, Ingraham warned:

“A single American serviceman or woman should not die under the regime that they’ve created.”

Ingraham said Thursday’s bombing exposed Biden’s lies about the situation and showed Americans that he can’t be trusted with any mission:

“For the past week, Biden and his team have spun over and over that the evacuation was going well. Well, today we saw the truth.  This was all total crap. This is a catastrophe. And, if you and your team, Mr. President, can’t handle this mission, why should we trust you to handle any mission?”


“The military leaders, from Milley to the head of Central Command, to what we’ve seen in our Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, none of them should be still in their positions. None of them.”

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