For Angie Kells, an abortion doula in Saskatoon, Canada, aborting an unborn baby is about “freedom” and “choice.”

According to the CBCKells recently began an organization called the Saskatoon Abortion Support Network to help women abort their unborn babies.

It provides free transportation, information and other support to help women get abortions. It also trains “abortion doulas” to talk women through their thoughts and emotions about abortion and support them in their decision to have an abortion.

“Reproductive freedom is critical. People should not be forced to continue a pregnancy that they do not want to continue,” she told the CBC.

Though Canada has no legal restrictions on abortion whatsoever and its government has been actively working to expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions, it is not enough for Kells.

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Without citing any evidence of a need for more abortions, Kells complained that there are not enough abortion facilities north of Regina, according to the report. In Regina, abortions are available up to 18 weeks of pregnancy, and Saskatoon provides abortions up to 12 weeks; no one does abortions in Prince Albert, she said.

Kells and other abortion activists are lobbying the government to expand abortions into the second trimester in Saskatoon and begin offering them in Prince Albert, according to the report.

“If it becomes difficult accessing abortion care, then all of a sudden your reproductive rights are at risk. Your bodily autonomy is at risk,” she said.

Canada has a socialized medical system, and most abortions are taxpayer-funded. In 2019, the government expanded abortions even more by approving the use of abortion drugs in the first trimester.

That same year, 83,576 abortions were reported in Canada, though the number almost certainly is an under-count because independent abortion facilities are not required to report their abortion numbers, according to Love4Life Canada.

Contrary to Kells’ claims, there is no need for abortions. They are completely unnecessary for women’s rights, health and freedom. Abortions are not health care, and they do not save lives. Quite the opposite, an abortion intentionally kills a unique, irreplaceable child in the womb and destroys their most basic right, the right to life.

Abortion activists have twisted the abortion debate into a matter of rights and freedoms for women by ignoring the fact that there are two unique, living human beings involved and both deserve rights and protections. What society needs is better support for mothers and babies, not more violence and destruction by abortion.

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