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Nearly nine in ten (86%) registered voters are concerned about inflation, and four of five (79%) blame the Biden Administration’s economic policies, a new Fox News poll shows.

Large majorities of voters also attribute the current high inflation on the coronavirus pandemic and “regular ups and downs,” Fox News reports:

“Most (86 percent) are concerned about inflation — and they see lots of reasons for it. Eighty-six percent think the pandemic is responsible for rising prices, while 79 percent blame the government’s economic policies, and 72 percent point to the regular ups and downs of the economy.”

More than half (53%) of voters say they’re “extremely concerned” about inflation, the survey finds.

How Concerned Are You about Inflation and Higher Prices:

  • Total Concerned: 86%
  • Extremely: 53%
  • Very: 33%
  • Not Very: 11%
  • Not at All: 3%

Half (49%) of voters say Biden’s economic policies are “very responsible” for the recent inflation spike, while 79% consider the policies at least “somewhat” to blame:

How Responsible are the Federal Government’s Economic Policies for Recent Rising Prices?

  • Total: 79%
  • Very: 49%
  • Somewhat: 30%
  • Not Very: 13%
  • Not at All: 6%
  • Don’t Know: 2%

As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Wednesday, consumer prices in July were up 5.4%, with the cost of food, energy and gasoline all rising:

“Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 5.4 percent before seasonal adjustment.

“The indexes for shelter, food, energy, and new vehicles all increased in July and contributed to the monthly all items seasonally adjusted increase. The food index increased 0.7 percent in July as five of the major grocery store food group indexes rose, and the food away from home index increased 0.8 percent. The energy index rose 1.6 percent in July, as the gasoline index increased 2.4 percent and other energy component indexes also rose.”

Conducted August 7-10, 2021, the Fox News Poll surveyed 1,002 U.S. registered voters and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.