Rep. Cori Bush

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) says she wants to both defund the police and continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars on her personal security because police officers are among the extremists who are threatening her life.

Defunding police who are “the same folks” who are to blame for the country’s woes and her need for security to protect herself from them are “two totally different things,” Rep. Bush told CBS News on Thursday:

“Defunding the police and being able to have security – because those same folks are causing it – it’s two totally different things.

“And, this is my last point on this: if I have actual police officers who have threatened my life, tell me about this, tell me that I don’t need security.”

“Congresswoman: have you had police officers threaten you?” CBS News asked.

Laughing and giggling at the question, Rep. Bush answered, “Absolutely”:

“Absolutely, I’ve been doing, I’ve been in this fight for seven years. I’m a Ferguson activist. That happened to us, that has happened to us, it’s not just me. Ferguson frontline, that has happened multiple – I mean, it’s more times than we can count.”

When CBS News asked if “Even now as a member of Congress, you’ve had police officers threaten your life?” Rep. Bush shrugged and replied that “They’re still people”:

“I mean they’re still people. And, you know what the thing is? They can threaten my life and I’m still working for them. I’m still going to work for them. I’m still going to make sure their families are taken care of.”

Asked if she has taken steps to ensure that the officers who have threatened her are taken off the force, Rep. Bush said that her work is continuing uninterrupted:

CBS News: “But, presumably Congresswoman, I would hope that those, as you allege, that those police officers would be removed and, or at least, you would let your security detail and the mechanisms in place in Congress to ensure that those officers are not still patrolling the streets.”

Rep. Cori Bush: “Well, you know. Work is being done. There’s nothing that comes in that is not being handled. So, we’re fine. We’re fine. We’ll keep moving.”

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