Sen. Ted Cruz
(Getty Images/Mandel Ngan)

An “astonished” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) broke into laughter and poked fun at Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Tuesday when he saw the 79 year-old senator, who turns 80 next month, sprint to barely catch Cruz’s elevator by jamming his foot between the doors as they closed.

Politico Congressional Reporter Andrew Desiderio described the scene in a Twitter post:

“Just watched Bernie Sanders literally sprint through the Senate subway to catch an elevator, put his fingers between the doors as they were about to shut, and walk inside — where an astonished Ted Cruz was cracking up.”

Cruz confirmed Desiderio’s account of the event in a tweet of his own, adding that he joked with Sen. Sanders once they were both aboard the elevator:

“True. When he stuck his foot in the closing door, I told him, “I’ve said your bill is gonna cost an arm & a leg, but I didn’t mean it literally….”

Sanders is currently seeking to obtain Congressional approval of $3.5 trillion in new government spending through a reconciliation bill, which Cruz staunchly opposes.