Rep. Steve Scalise
(Getty Images/Mark Wilson)

Americans are furious at President Joe Biden’s double-standard when it comes protecting the U.S. from the threat of people with COVID entering the country, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-Calif.) says.

During a Thursday press event, Scalise said Americans want Biden to take responsibility for the border crisis and COVID threat the president has created.

Illegal aliens with COVID aren’t just entering the country, they’re actually bragging about how the Biden Administration is welcoming them into the U.S. and allowing them to become super-spreaders:

“When they look at this crisis at the border that Joe Biden created: Joe Biden himself is the one who ended the agreements with Mexico and with the Northern Triangle countries that were working to ebb the flow of illegals coming into our country. And what are we seeing now?

“It’s not just thousands of people a day coming across our border – it’s thousands of people bragging that they have COVID and being welcomed in, given plane tickets and bus tickets to go and be super-spreaders all across America. We’re seeing the numbers. The Border Patrol agents are telling us this.”

Scalise said that the administration’s chief coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is “actually acknowledging that Biden is violating his own health guidance at the border while he’s telling American families to alter their lifestyle.”

Yet, while COVID-infected illegal aliens are being welcomed into the U.S., the Biden Administration is requiring American citizens to prove their COVID-free if they want to come home from a vacation in Mexico, Scalise said:

“If you’ve got a family in America right now that’s getting ready to go on vacation in Mexico, which many are doing. Do you know that if you’re in Mexico as an American citizen and you want to come back home, according to the CDC, you cannot even board the plane to come back to America, as an American citizen, unless you produce a COVID negative test? That’s the law. 

“Yet, if you come across our border illegally bragging that you have COVID, you’re welcomed in.”

Americans are beginning to see the Biden Administrations hypocrisy, and they’re incensed, Scalise said:

“What kind of law and policy is that by the Biden Administration? It makes absolutely no sense, and people are figuring this out. People are furious about it. We’re furious about it. And we’re going to be fighting to get sanity and normal, commonsense policies back in Washington.”