(Photo by Grant Ward/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

(Photo by Grant Ward/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

(CNSNews.com) – The $715-billion infrastructure bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month includes a $6,550,000 earmark aimed at stopping people from committing suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge, which is in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.

Section 107 of the bill is entitled “Member Designated Project Authorizations.” It says: “The amount listed for each member designated project in the table…shall be available…for fiscal year 2022 to carry out each project.”

The 140th project listed in this section of the bill is called the “Golden Gate Bridge Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project.” The bill specifies that it will get $6,550,000.

The website of the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District explains what this project is doing.


“The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is in the process of constructing a Suicide Deterrent Net System (SDNS) to deter suicides at the Bridge by placing a physical barrier between a person and the water below,” it says. “The SDNS consists of marine grade stainless steel netting attached to structural steel net supports placed 20 feet below the sidewalks and extending out 20 feet over the water.”

“While the contractor has not provided a firm final date for project delivery, the Bridge District estimates the project is likely about two years behind schedule,” says a press released the bridge district put out in 2019. “Completion was originally scheduled for January 2021, but now it appears the SDNS will not be finished until 2023.”

As of 2019, an estimated 1,700 people had committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Construction of the bridge was completed in 1937.