“It just seems that another day passes and another crime is committed,” Fraternal Order of Police V.P. Joe Gamaldi said Wednesday, commenting on the Woke, anti-police policies of today’s liberal politicians.

In a Fox & Friends First interview, Gamaldi cited the example of California, where crime surged after district attorneys publicly announced that they will no longer prosecute thefts of less than $950:

“What’s going on in California right now is a complete and utter tragedy, what they’re doing to these businesses in this community. We are seeing a huge spike in theft after the San Francisco and L.A. D.A.s decided that they’re not going to prosecute thefts under $950.

“I mean, shocking, right? We tell criminals we’re not going to prosecute these crimes and they start stealing everything that’s not nailed down.”

Somehow, politicians don’t understand how their policies are destroying American cities, Gamaldi said:

“It’s gotten so bad that Walgreens has closed 17 stores in the San Francisco area. I mean, the private sector gets it, but, somehow, these elected officials don’t get that they’re contributing to this urban decay.”

“At some point, we have to stop the madness,” Gamaldi said, noting the tragic human cost of anti-law enforcement policies:

“How many people, how many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters were sacrificed on the altar of the Woke anti-police movement? I mean, it’s truly disgusting.”

Gamaldi said that law and order can be restored in America, but it’s going to take new politicians who support law enforcement:

“We can get this back under control But, it’s going to take a whole, new slew of politicians that want to actually enforce the laws we have on the books – otherwise, we’re just going to see these this continue and things are only going to get worse.”