Brent Bozell (L) and Donald Trump, Jr.

“People have to wake up; they have to get their news from alternative sources,” Donald Trump, Jr. tells Media Research Center President Brent Bozell in an exclusive interview discussing the left-wing media’s bias and hypocrisy when it comes to the treatment of presidents’ family members.

The former First Son explains that, while his father was in the White House, the liberal media would never have allowed him to claim to be an artist and sell paintings for half a million dollars to anonymous buyers, as President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is doing.

Even some Picassos sell for far less than what Hunter is charging, and yet the media looks the other way, Trump, Jr. says:

“I take that one pretty personally, because I went through a lot. What do you think would happen, Brent, if for, I don’t know, for example, Donald Trump, Jr. started finger-painting, like Hunter Biden, and started selling them to unknown buyers for half a million dollars?

“Now, I know that there was a Picasso that traded this week for a hundred and fifty grand.

“Hunter Biden is a journeyman artist who never really expressed any interest in art until, I guess, he wasn’t allowed to do crooked deals in China or the Ukraine or for Russian oligarchs with ties to human trafficking rings, or any of those things, anymore – now, he’s an artist.

“And imagine, imagine Donald Trump, Jr. did that, what the outrage would be. Imagine, the White House said, ‘Oh, we should fully support his career as an artist – but, we should also support the ability of the people who buy his ‘art’ to remain anonymous.’”

Media have abandoned all pretense of doing “journalism,” Trump said, suggesting that if he had been implicated in any scandals like those involving Hunter Biden, the media would’ve been all over it, instead of dismissing it on the basis that a president’s family members are off-limits:

“I mean, if we had a media that actually, you know, did ‘journalism,’ that would be a problem. But, we don’t have a media that does journalism. We have propagandists. We have people that push a one-sided narrative.

“So, all the things, I mean, look at the ‘Laptop from Hell.’ Do we truly believe that, if it was Don Junior’s ‘Laptop from Hell,’ that our intelligence agencies would be saying, ‘Oh, no, it looks legit, it’s Russian disinformation, it’s totally fine, Hunter definitely didn’t do those things’ – especially when Hunter and the Bidens aren’t denying that any of it is true?”


“You think it would be a story, Brent? Do you think that, maybe, would make the news? Do you think that, maybe, the family of a president should be off limits? ‘What does he have to do it?’ I wasn’t in government, either. I was vocal because I was one of the few people willing to stand up to the narrative.”

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